"Katie has a broad understanding of the foster care system in WA state and has helped me navigate things like caregivers report to court."

"While there is no handbook for parenting, there certainly isn’t a handbook for navigating foster care.  Being a new foster parent, I recently completed my caregiver classes.  These classes did a great job of teaching the importance of forming a relationship with birth parents, but I never really knew how to navigate forming this bond.  Thankfully Katie has been an amazing mentor and sounding board along the way.  Her passion and knowledge has brought our family great peace as we navigate through difficult situations with this beautiful family."

"It was a relief to share our specific circumstances and then to get feedback and suggestions from someone who has experience with adoption, relationship with birth moms, and therapeutic parenting."

What people are saying about Fostering Connections

"Speaker was very inspirational and Katie has such great knowledge of both sides of the situation."

"Katie was amazing! She was very informative and instructional, but also personable and emotion
evoking. I would highly recommend learning from her."

"What a fun workshop!"

"Katie is very passionate about building an open and safe relationship between foster and bio parents." 

"Katie is a good listener and can calm your nerves and fears about the uncertainty of foster care and the challenges it brings."