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Lending a Helping Hand

Making Space for Everyone in a (Foster/Adopted) Child’s Life


  This interactive workshop helps participants develop skills to improve relationships with parents of their foster or adoptive children and includes a role-playing session designed to give participants the experience of a parent whose children have been removed from their care.  


Holding Hands

Fostering Connections

  This 1-hour workshop gives participants a basic understand of the need to develop productive relationships with parents of their foster or adoptive children as well as a basic overview of practical tools they can use to build connection.


Woman on Window Sill

Let's Talk About The Hard Stuff

  These are topics that are not typically brought up in foster care support groups because let’s face it, they aren’t the pretty parts of fostering.  We can talk about placement disruptions, the real effects of foster care on bio/adopted kids in our home, and not instantly bonding with a child placed in your home.  Come to discuss these topics and more, and find support among those who get it.   Workshop will be tailored to address the concerns of each specific audience. 

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