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How any adoptive family can have an open adoption (yes even yours)

I want to make you aware of a webinar I am presenting along with Angela Tucker (of the documentary Closure), Lori Holden (author of The Open Hearted Way to Open Adoption), and Kara Andersen (post-adoption services at Amara Family).

The interactive webinar is coming up soon -- Thursday, July 15 at 1p PT | 2p MT | 3p CT | 4p ET. Individual registrations are only $15. If cost of attendance presents a barrier to participation, please contact to waive the fee.

Based on the Inclusive Family Support Model, we give adoptive parents and agency professionals a tool to assess and guide around adoption relationships -- the open adoption grid. (<= click for 3 minute video). This tool is relevant for adoptive families of every type: infant, international, foster/adopt, and kinship. The Inclusive Family Support Model has been published in the academic journal Social Work & Criminal Justice by JaeRan Kim, PhD and Angela Tucker.

We would love to see you at our webinar. Please feel free to share with fellow adoptive parents, family members of adoptees, or anyone interested in learning more about adoption.

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